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Our Story

Hello, My name is Helen Kestle and I am happy to have you as a future client at my salon FAB U LOOK. Where my interest in beauty originated from was by simply observing my mother who had a very flamboyant way of styling her hair. It was amazing how she was able to create so many different styles and each style looked as if they were done with tender love and care. All her hairstyles that I witnessed her doing to herself captivated me into the power of what hair can do to a persons overall appearance. I wanted to be able to do all the hair styles that I visualized could be done to my own hair. Therefore, I tackled the challenge and said I want a career in doing hair.

Beginning my professional journey at Kenneth’s College of Hairstyling in Vallejo, California, I received my Cosmetology license in 1993. I wanted to expand my knowledge so I relocated to Washington State where I continued my education and became a Master Esthetician. I received this certification from Paroba College in 2014.

My complete devotion to bringing true beauty options has driven me to further my education in specialized areas. I have gotten certified in the use of The Super Frecator for skin irregularities at Martinni Beauty out of California. I have also become very proficient in MD Needle Pen Microneedling as well as Procell Therapies Microchanneling for rejuvenation and texturing of the skin.

I have also become skilled in laser treatments by practicing at the Laser-Cosmetic-Wellness Center in Gig Harbor, Washington and my knowledge of this new innovative way to help people feel good about themselves is horrid and provides a wide array of aesthetic services to our clients. To which I pledge and renew my commitment every day with FAB U LOOK by demonstrating, innovation, and personalized care in all of my services.